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  • Integral FOV 10×8 cm for 3D Image
  • Superb Diagnostic Images
  • 2 dedicated sensors for Pano & CBCT
  • 5-Year Vatech Full Parts Warranty

The Vatech A9 is a CBCT with OPG with state-of-the-art technology for metal artifact reduction and is the ideal machine for every clinic.  The anatomical FOV of 10×8 cm allows scanning of both jaws including distal sections.

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Integral FOV 10x8 cm

The 10×8 images provided by the A9 allow fundamental diagnosis and treatment planning, including both the maxillary and mandibular areas, in a single scan. 

The Vatech A9 3D CBCT unit is the perfect choice for any dental clinic that is looking to expand their practice by providing higher value treatments such as orthodontics and implantology.


Exchange your old 2D for a new 3D CBCT

The A9 provides the most precise and high-quality 2D and 3D images by combining image processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from Vatech.

When taking 2D images, you’ll appreciate the MAGIC PAN function, which uses hundreds of layers of panoramic images during acquisition. Vatech’s artificial intelligence examines all the layers, reconstructs them, and provides the optimal diagnostic image.

The A9 will increase your diagnostic accuracy for improved treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

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2 Dedicated Sensors

The A9 offers 2 dedicated and embedded sensors for Pano / 3D CBCT and Ceph. This not only allows you to capture an optimal image from each sensor, but it also creates an efficient workflow.

The next step in cephalometric technology, is Vatech’s new Rapid Ceph Technology significantly minimize the motion artifacts and acquire the highest quality orthodontic images of the patient within 1.9 second.


A9 comes with 5-Year Full parts warranty & unique 10-Year sensor and generator warranty.

Are you interested in the A9 and want more information?

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A9 Specifications

Function (Device Type)3 in 1: Pano + CBCT + Ceph
Voxel size0.2–0.3 mm
Focal Spot Size0.5 mm
FOV size without stitchingAnatomical 10×8 cm
FOV Double ScanN/A
Upgrade to CephYes
Exposure TimePano: 2.7–⁠13.5 sec
Ceph: 1.9–⁠5.4 sec
CBCT: 11 - 15.5 sec
Dynamic range14 bit
Panoramic typePano + Magic pan
(Hybrid Sensor for 3D & 2D)
Patient positionStanding, seated, wheelchair, mirror positioning
Warranty10-year Sensor & Generator, 5 year full parts warranty
Dimension131.57 cm×88.39 cm×194.81 cm
Weight160.49 kg (with the Base)
SWEzDent-i / Ez3D-i / EzOrtho
Key FeaturesCBCT with OPG, the latest technology for the reduction of metal artefacts, is the ideal instrument for any clinic. CT scan always with generated OPG. The anatomical FOV of 10×8 cm allows scanning both jaws at the same time, without compromising the distal section. Artificial intelligence in 3D and Ortho sw. Implant database, Dicom + STL merging.
* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

A9 Dimensions

*An additional 76.2mm of space is required behind the unit for wall mount bracket installation (mandatory unless there is a base mount installation).

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