EzSensor HD

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  • Experience The Highest Resolution
  • 4.8 mm Ultra-Slim Design
  • Quality & Design
  • 5-Year Warranty

The quality of the images captured by the Vatech EzSensor HD is among the very best on the market and within the Vatech range.

Image quality is guaranteed by high definition, a theoretical resolution of 33.78 lp/mm associated to 14.8 µm pixel. EzSensor HD provides the most distinct images possible and combined with noise and artifact reduction, the results are clear and consistent.

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4.8 mm Ultra-Slim Design

The EzSensor HD is one of the world’s thinnest sensors due to its design, plus it has rounded corners that increase patient comfort when placing the sensor in the patient’s mouth.

The ergonomically designed sensors are available in 3 different sizes (1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0) to suit the needs of every patient.

The Highest Image Quality

Every dentist requirer detailed high image quality especially for accurate implant work and endodontic diagnosis.

With a theoretical resolution of 33.78 lp/mm and better post-processing to reduce noise and reflections from metal artefacts, you’ll always work with the best diagnostic images.

The smallest pixel size in the world only confirms the clear intention with which this sensor was developed – i.e., top quality and the best possible information for medical diagnostics.


Patient Oriented Design

Patients feel pain because delicate oral mucosa gets pressure from a hard sensor corner. Rounded corner can reduce that pain. But it has a possibility of reducing active image area. This is the technology that sustains the perfect balance between them.

Rounded corner design allows maximum comfortable placement against soft tissue.

Enhanced Durability

EzSensor HD is rated at IP68, the highest level of the Ingress Protection [IP], which proves that it has complete protection
against dust and pressure caused by long periods of immersion.

EzSensor HD is designed to prevent any kind of damages in its everyday use. Based on actual usage, our durability test includes bending up, down, left, right side and bending up to four times.


Perfect Images with EzSensor HD

Due to the pre-set contrast filter set of EzSensor HD, you can take and adjust images according to your specialization regarding the following treatments, e.g., endodontics, restorative dentistry, etc.

EzSensor HD is provided with a 5-Year Warranty

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EzSensor HD Specifications

Pixel Size14.8 μm
Theoretical Resolution33.78 lp/mm
Dynamic Range12 bit
Thickness4.8 mm
Cable Length2.7 m
Active Area / Size 1.020 x 30 mm
Active Area / Size 1.524 x 33 mm
Active Area / Size 2.026 x 36 mm
* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

EzSensor HD Dimensions

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