Tracker is not recognizing the twain driver.

Written on May 16, 2018

First, make sure ALL twain settings are correct:

  • Correct patientinfo.ini path and info
  • Linkinfo.ini has the correct paths
  • VATWAIN is configured properly (if used)Environment.ini and environment_twain.ini (if used)

Second, test using Twacker

To set up twain to work within Tracker, you must select the Twain Device CMD option when trying to acquire.

  • To test, go to acquire and select Twain Device CMD

To show that the twain is working, Tracker will have 2 indicators:

  • Tracker must recognize the twain driver – Marked with Red
  • Tracker must also have the green check mark – Marked with Blue

If selecting Twain Device CMD and tracker is not recognizing the twain driver, a reboot of the PC is necessary.

  • Restarting Tracker will not fix the issue, must restart the whole PC

After restarting, Tracker is still not recognizing the twain driver, use a different twain driver Please contact Vatech Support to change the twain DS File as shown below:

  • VECapture_TWAIN – File size 336 KB
  • VECapture_TWAIN – File size 324 KB
  • TWAIN_VCaptureSW.ds

Repeat the previous steps to test which twain driver works.

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