NCSW - Error E011, Error 11, Error 30 or empty box with Red X

Written on May 5, 2017

When trying to take images 2d Panoramic/Ceph or 3D CT images - Capture program produces "Error Code 11" or "Error Code 30" as shown below. In some cases you might get a blank empty box appear having only image of a Red X

Error [Code:11] / Error [Code:30] will also appear as shown below



In some cases; an Empty Box - Having only Red X will appear.

This is typically caused by insufficient patient information loaded into the patient chart data requirements from the referring software. Please check that the chart has **ALL** of the following information; if anything is missing please edit the chart and update the missing/incomplete information.

  • Chart ID,
  • First/Last Name,
  • DOB,
  • Gender

**Having no symbols in these fields such as "JR" (Quotations included) or other special symbols.** - If these are in use try removing them from the patient chart information and load the capture program again.

**In some cases such as 3rd party software (PMS  "Practice Management Software" Examples like Dentrix name grabbing into ImageXL/Xrayvision via NameGrabber/Datagrabber) might not pass all the information. Always check that the PMS first to verify all patient information is loaded in the chart. Then check the IMS (Image management Software - such examples , ImageXL/Xrayvision/Oneview, Dexis and so on...) are receiving all the information. Edit the chart in the IMS and verify if it received all the information. If not you will need to contact by clicking here: Apteryx - Support

If all symbols have been removed; and confirmed the charting information is correctly entered, but still having one of the above mentioned errors; please contact the Support Center.

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