Datagrabber & SDK integration Compatibility for Vatech Software

Written on May 16, 2018

Datagrabber & SDK integration Compatibility for Vatech Software - The following chart to be used to identify

  • Dattagrabber Functionality for Practice Management Software Bridging to EzDent-i / Easydent4
  • Direct SDK from Practice Management to EzDent-i/Easydent4
  • Twain for 2D & IntraOral HD Sensors.

Note: Not all programs capable of twaining are listed, those listed are simply one's that have been confirmed to work. Most twain compliant programs  will support twain* generally with out issue. Please contact those software's that are not listed to confirm they support twain.


Support Contacts


All listed are subject to change with out notice, Vatech America does not have any control over the functionality of any linking software SDK or Datagrabber useage. Please review the following information for proper support channels.

  • Datagrabber - All requests or service should be directed at Apteryx Support.
  • SDK - All requests or service should be directed at the respected manufacture of said 3rd party software. This includes linking from IMS to Ez3D Plus/Ez3D-i
  • Twain - Typically most twain equipped software will function with out issue, there might be unknown variables or limitations when working with Twain* subject to respected manufacture support. All testing should be done first via 3rd party test tool to confirm Vatech Twain functionality beforehand.
  • Vatech Twain is typically installed during installations. Please also see: Installing Twain Topics for any installation assistance or Vatech Support.


Key Guide:

To use the Integration Chart, first locate the Software in the Software Name Column. 1, Next you will have any special notes such as limited functionality or anything that has been recorded which is important to note. Each column after this represents the corresponding key below and their meaning.


1. Apteryx/DG Bridge: This section indicates what functionality Datagrabber or Apteryx Program such as XrayVision is capable of obtaining from the corresponding program to it self. Typically if using Datagrabber to passing information to Vatech programs all modes in this section with the exception of limited Sniffer will work and bridge patient information in some manner to Vatech Software. Vatech Software is fully compatible with Apteryx program, the limitation is what Apteryx is able to obtain and pass alone.

B= Built in Bridge or Button from Calling Application to Apteryx/XVvision or other rebranded version IMS (No Datagrabber Support).

F= Full bridge functionality support via Datagrabber (To 3rd party such as Vatech Software) or SDK (To XrayVision/Rebranded)

DD= DataDrill functionality only to 3rd party software via Datagrabber. This indicates all required fields are obtainable via Datagrabber to pass to Vatech Software.

S= Sniffer only - indicates limited ability to pull data, typically does not pull all required data, manual imput of missing data required once charting is passed.

Note: Only EzDent-i supports the use of sniffer, Easydent4 does NOT support the use of Sniffer. It can only be used once the chart is manually entered to pull up the chart afterwards.

NS= Specific Testing has been done and considred No support


2. Easydent4/EzDent-i - This column represents the ability for the calling appication to bridge directly passing patient information to add or open charting in Vatech Software.

B= Built in Bridge or Button from Calling Application directly into Easydent4 or EzDent-i.

NS= Specific Testing has been done and considred No support


3. NCSW (SDK) Capture Program / HD Sensor - This column represents the ability of the calling application listed to directly call to the capture program either by SDK - passing patient information and saving directly or using Twain.

Note: Not all programs capable of twaining are listed, those listed are simply one's that have been confirmed to work. Most twain compliant programs  will support twain*.

T= Twain 2D images directly into the calling application. No patient information is shared.

B= Bridge directly from calling application, typically passes patient information and will save 2D/3D Images back to calling application. Also limited image processing controlled by the calling application.  In the case of 3D images, the calling applicaiton will also include a direct bridge to Ez3D Plus or Ez3D-i to open and view 3D Volumes.

NS= Specific Testing has been done and considred No support

Note: Please contact those software's that are not listed to confirm they support twain.

SOFTWARE NAME   A - K Special Notes: Apteryx/DG Bridge EasyDent4 (SDK) EzDent I (SDK) NCSW (SDK/Twain) HD Sensor
ABEL Dent   F, DIA-XV        
Ace Users MUST contact ACE to setup bridge; we will not supply Datagrabber for ACE users. ACE has SDK integration with Easydent4 and can make it work with EZDent-i though there is a charge from their support.  NOTE: Data grabber can be supplied to older ACE users -only using the MDB type not the updated SQL based* F* B B    
Alpha Dent   DIA-XV        
Alta Point   S        
Autopia   DIA-XV        
AVI Mark   S        
Apteryx XRayVISION- (OneView; Prof Suni) B B B B SDK In progress*
Bridge IT   F        
Cadi (Synca)   B B B B B
Camsight CDM   DD        
CareStream "CS" software Carestreamconfirmed bug on the 7.0.1 version it will not take twain.
Please advise office to downgrade to an earlier build when you see this.
Centricity   DD        
CIEOS Bridge available for older versions* B B      
CleoSoft Need to confirm*          
Computer Age Dentist   F        
ClearDent     B      
Cloud 9  Setup by Cloud 9 Bridge/Twain       T  
Cornerstone   F        
Curve Dental Direct Integration for Sensors availible* and twain for P2 units       T  
Curve (Hero) For twain they must purchase imaging contract       T  
Data Team   S        
Dental Mate   S        
Dental Works   S   S        
Denticom  Web based - IE - Active X SDK directly from their support*        B* See notes  
DentalVision   S        
Dentech by Softech   DIA-XV        
Denti Max *Latest version requires special setup by Dentixmax; requiring the following folder and file to be inplace on all workstations (C:\VCapturesw\exe\NCSW_2012.exe) only the one .exe is required no other files* can simply copy and paste and call to dentimax for the integration to be setup. Also; for updated VCaptureSW.exe versions dentimax will need to update their link.  F, DIA-XV   B T* Need confirmation  
Denti Soft   F        
Dentrix Enterprise & IMAGING   F     T  
Dentrix G5/G6   F        
Dentrix Ascend (Cloud based) This program can integrate with Dexis only and then use twain* no support for datagrabber currently availible  NS     T* (See note)  
Dexis   NS     T  
Dexis imaging (Cloud based) (basically is Dentrix Ascend) Line 36         T* Need confirmation T
Diamond Dental Software (DDS)*   DD, DIA-XV        
Discus   S        
DOC-AIDE   F        
Domtrak   S        
Dolphin (CLoud) A few sites have inidcated it does not always work stream lined after each scan they have to close Doulphin cloud after maybe 1 or 2 scans.  NS     T* (See note)  
Dolphin  See legacy SDK chart. NS     T Only 2D images. 3D - NS  
DSN/Perio-Exec Bridge avialilbe for Easydent4, *****EzDent-i bridge is Beta for version 16 and higher only.   B B*    
DVMax   S        
E.Z.   F        
Eaglesoft *   F        
Easy Dental   F   B*    
eClinical     B      
EMAGO          T  
EasyDent aka EzDent  *   F        
Evidentiae Twain has been verified       T  
Exan     B      
Exact Dental   F        
Excel Dent     B      
First Pacific Corporation (FPC)   F, DIA-XV        
Genesis   DIA-XV        
SOFTWARE NAME   I – Z Special Nots: Apteryx/DG Bridge EasyDent EzDent I NCSW HD Sensor
ICE Classic (Web based IE IMS) .JPG or .PNG Save format* NS     T*  
ImageXL (OEM Apteryx- by PEB)  Requires Special setup* by PEB   B B T*  
Innova   S        
Intellident   F        
IntraVet   S        
Julie   F        
Logic Tech Paradigm   DIA-XV        
MacPractice  (running windows Parallels) DIA-XV        
Maxident   DIA-XV        
Mediadent   S        
Medims Last known version in 2009*   B      
meerMANAGER   S        
Maxim     B      
MiPacs (Hospital Grade Server set) also GEPACS*   DIA-XV     B  
MOGO Has direct bridge available for EzDent-i VTEzBridge32.exe, must set path for it to work by checking "Vatech"box then click cmd to set path, tested and verified 1/24/2017 Cust#7859 S, DIA-XV        
NextGen   S        
Oasys - Crossfire *Need confirmation       T* Need confirmation  
OMS Vision/DentalVision  Old OMS/DentVision Versions only* DIA-XV B      
OMSVision* New Versions* S        
OpenDental * Has free bridge under "preference" F B B* (Need Conf)    
OpenDental/PracticeWeb   DIA-XV   B* (Need Conf)    
Oral Exe/Dental Exec/Perio Exec   DIA-XV        
Oral Surgery Exec  Oral Exec-Dental Exec-Perio Exec S        
Ortho2 Ortho II is known to not work well with twain; and does not auto import; it will work but with special user sequence to manually import the image post-capture.  TNS*        
OrthoTrack  End User Must have SQL login for connection. F        
OrthoWare   F        
Patient Base   F        
PBS Endo PBS Endo has their own bridge to XV.  DIA-XV        
Perfect Byte ( PByte )   F        
PerioVision/EndoVision   DD        
Planet DDS Including Denticon Web based DIA-XV   DIA-XV DIA-XV  
Practice Web  Resold version of OpenDental F B B* (Need Conf)    
Practice Works * If XV is used we can bridge from XV (With EU updating any missing demographics manually in XV First) - other wise no support*
 for Easydent4*
" - EzDent-i uses only sniffer to pass but must be updated version of EzDent-i. 
S, DIA-XV        
PrimaDent   DD        
QSI Denetal   DIA-XV        
Radiology Lab Management Systems (RLMS)   DD        
ScanDent   S        
ScanX Per Marketing Team after 300-400 scans must reset - this is no longer the case since EzDent-i ver. 2.0.1      T* may need special set up depending on the OS(Win 10), please refer to KB: "EzDent-i Scanx Twain Issue" NS  
SiDexis         T  
Softdent   F        
Suzy Dental4 SDK* patient data into Easydent4*   F   NS  
TDOCS   S        
The Digital Office (TDO)   DD        
TIger View  *Most capture programs should twain* - Tiger View Classic is no longer supported; TigerView will charge $2K for support.        T T* Single capture only. 
Time   DD        
Tops Ortho (All versions)  Tops is a MAC based system and is not able to integrate to windows platforms, the only option we have is to export the image to a file directory on the network somewhere that Tops is also able to see and manually import the file* - NO twain support NS     NS NS
Tracker Bridge availilbe and setup/supported by Tracker directly*       B  
VersaSuite   S        
Visiodent   S        
VixWin (all versions)  *Must use the older twain DS type to work, does not support newer twain version       T T* Single capture only. 
Visix (Air Techniques)  Visix, which is a rebranded version of Tigerview.        T T* Single capture only. 
VistaDent         T  
Walrus   S        
Windent Direct integration does not apply to KDI versions S        
WinOMS Cloud (Citrix) Special Setup required S     T  
WinOMS  Easydetn4- No support: Same as Practice works "If XV is used we can bridge from XV (With EU updating any missing demographics manually in XV First) - other wise no support for Easydent4*
 - EzDent-i : uses only sniffer to pass but must be updated version of EzDent-i. ; Patient will pass data but will not pass Gender but will add the patient , the end user will have to input /modify the chart to add this missing information before scanning patient else an error will occur. .
S     T  
XDR (IMS)          T T
XLDent by PEB  Does not pull Gender S,DIA-XV        
XNAV (GUIDE Software) Uses login TSDF to access data*   B      


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