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  • How to install Implant DB or updates for Ez3D Plus

    Vatech offers user - updaters for updating their implant database needs via the Customer Learning Center.Ez3D Plus - Downloads & DocumentsYou will need to use your login account created during training or if you do not have one please sign up when prompted. Once you are logged in select - "Implant Library Updates for Ez3D Plus" Y...

  • How do I export the Dicom Viewer from Ez3DPlus to upload to FTP or flash drive?

    In Ez3D Plus, you can select the “Tools” tab and either choose between “CD/DVD Burning” to burn a physical disk or “Memory” to send to put on a flash drive; upload to website such as drop box, FTP or other sharing tool depending on your objective. The “CD/DVD” option will burn the data to a CD/DV...

  • How do I create a PANO curve on Ez3D Plus?

    This can be done two ways. Either manually or automatically by the software by clicking the PANO curve button and selecting “AUTO” and the software will create a PANO curve for you. The “MANUAL” option will allow you to create your own PANO curve. For more information, please visit our video tutorial page by clicking he...

  • How do I get implants that I use onto the software?

    While visiting the Customer Learning Center; Select the Tab “Ez3D Implant/3DDX” in the middle of the page. Under Ez3D Implant, click Implant Library. This will launch another web page to view implants by manufacturer.Find the desired implant and select download. This will download a simply installer, that will put the implants...

  • How do I Check for updates for EZ3D Plus?

    First you will need to know your current version of Ez3D Plus; this can be done by simply opening a scan into the Ez3D Plus as normal viewing. Once in the software click “help” and then click “ about” from the drop down menu. Here will be the version information (example: Once you have...