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  • Datagrabber & SDK integration Compatibility for Vatech Software

    Datagrabber & SDK integration Compatibility for Vatech Software - The following chart to be used to identify Dattagrabber Functionality for Practice Management Software Bridging to EzDent-i / Easydent4 Direct SDK from Practice Management to EzDent-i/Easydent4 Twain for 2D & IntraOral HD Sensors.Note: Not all programs capable of twaining are...

  • Can my unit be upgraded to use EzDent-i and Ez3D-i?

    Platform 2 (NEXGen Devices)All Listed Units are supported for upgrade to EZDent-i for 2D/3D units and Ez3D-i for all 3D Units*Pax-iPax-i3DPax-i3D GreenSmart3DEzSensor MultiEzSesnor-PreimiumEzSensor- HD*upgrade for Easydent4 sites are not included in lifetime updates. Please contact your local Vatech Rep for more information about upgrading to NEXGe...

  • What should I use to clean and Sanitize my X-ray unit; covers and accessories?

    Vatech America does not recommend or endorse any cleaning product in particularly. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine what is adequate for use to clean and sanitize based on FDA as well as local codes.However based on performance and recommendation by Vatech Users ; Clorox Brand* Hydrogen peroxide wipes. (Contains no bleachin...