How do I get support for Datagrabber?

Written on Aug 1, 2017

Datagrabber support is provided and managed by it's respected manufacture support - Apteryx Inc. for all datagrabber related topics. Vatech does not offer any support for the 3rd party software by our support team in order to focus on our primary market manufactured products and software. Please direct all questions or support/update requests to:



(330) 376-0889 Office
(877) APTERYX Toll Free


NOTICE: Please note that all support is subject to Apteryx Inc. support fees. As of August 1st 2017 Apteryx offers 'free' initial support for either A. up to 30 days on trial version* or 1 year after initial registration. All support there after is charge able service for any/all updates or support that is out of Vatech America's control. This includes any keys that were provided by Vatech America Inc. during any promotional offering. Vatech America is not able to render any support for the Datagrabber program and all support related topics should be directed to Apteryx Support directly.