Does Vatech devices have a UL or Other Approved Listing certification?

Written on Mar 22, 2018

Yes, rest assured your Vatech Device carries an approved listing.

UL listing is only but 1 of the many Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory - registered Program. Any of the NRTL listed and approved programs can be used equally for any but UL listing is the most commonly requrested, any time an inspector or other agency askes about UL listing, they should reference the approved listings on the NRTL webiste.- Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

The NRTL - Recognizes private sector organizations to perform certification for certain products to ensure that they meet the requirements of both the construction and general industry OSHA electrical standards. Each NRTL has a scope of test standards that they are recognized for, and each NRTL uses its own unique registered certification mark(s) to designate product conformance to the applicable product safety test standards. After certifying a product, the NRTL authorizes the manufacturer to apply a registered certification mark to the product. If the certification is done under the NRTL program, this mark signifies that the NRTL tested and certified the product, and that the product complies with the requirements of one or more appropriate product safety test standards.


Example for Canada:

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