How do I get implants that I use onto the software?

Written on Dec 12, 2016

While visiting the Customer Learning Center; Select the Tab “Ez3D Implant/3DDX” in the middle of the page. Under Ez3D Implant, click Implant Library. This will launch another web page to view implants by manufacturer.

Find the desired implant and select download. This will download a simply installer, that will put the implants into your Ez3D program. This installer has to be run at every PC that the implants will be used at.

Simply run the installer, it will be ‘next’ all the way through.

What if I do not find the Implant update I’m looking for?

In cases where Vatech does not have the desired implant typically we try and work with all implant manufacturers in order to provide the most update implant, however Vatech requires the permission of each manufacturer in order to include them in our database updates.

In the case we do not have the update there is something you are able to do in order to assist us. Typically implants are managed by “STL” files provided by your rep. You will also need the technical data of the implants for each STL.

You can contact your implant manufacture rep and request this information. You can either manually import these STL’s into the software or if you are able to get the rep to provide Vatech permission we can supply this information to EwooSoft to try and include in the next release if Vatech is able to obtain permission.

You can contact us about requesting updates to [email protected]


How often are your updates for implants?

Typically we release implant updates as needed twice per year.


When is the BEST time to check back Implant for updates?

Typically at the end/start of the year and mid summer.

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