Quick Guide for Opening for Ez3D-i & Lite viewer

Written on Jun 19, 2018

Locating the Data Set

To start the CD Viewer software you will need to first locate the sent data sets, either sent by CD/DVD, USB drive or download depending on transport method.

  • If CD/DVD was sent; simply insert into the CD/DVD into the CD/DVD drive of the pc. If an auto play window appears simply click the Run for the Simple Viewer Launcher, and skip to Choosing Viewer Type section below. 
  • In some cases depending on how your auto play is setup in your PC; you might be prompted to open the disk to view the files instead as shown below.
  • If opening from USB or other external drive simply browse to the file directory/drive as shown below
  • If downloading from FTP; please ensure the data set is downloaded to the PC locally, extracted if zipped and accessible as shown below.


Launching Simple Viewer

For this example guide all locations will be the "Test" folder as shown below in the Launching Simple Viewer section.

  • Using the file path instead simple launch the Simple Viewer Launcher  as shown below.



Choosing Viewer Type


Once the Simple Viewer Launcher opens you will have the Simple Viewer Launcher splash screen.




Opening the Original Viewer will open the native Ez3D-i viewer software.


Note: Increased system requirements exists as noted on the viewer select screen. Graphics Processing Unit or "GPU" requires nVidia GeForce GT 720 or higher to use the next generation viewer. Use this when higher performance systems meeting the specifications in use and when there are projects being included by sending site.

 If GPU does not meet the requirement use the Simple Viewer Lite instead.

If GPU does meet the requirement the software will open normally the Ez3D-i Simple Viewer.



Opening the Simple Viewer Lite - will open a lighter version that does not require as higher performance systems; however limited to only simple dicom. Any previous case work up by the sending site will not work with the simple viewer.


  • When opening the Simple Viewer, If matching version of Ez3D Plus is already installed the software will open the viewer normally.
  • If previous version or no version is installed, an installation will start and be required to view the dicom data.


  • Click Next to start the installation.


If no version of Ez3D Plus CD Viewer program is installed you will be prompted by the following message indicating you will need to install the CDViewer.

  • Click the Yes button to proceed with the upgrade.


If an existing previous version of Ez3D Plus CD Viewer program is already installed you might be prompted by the following message indicating you will need to upgrade.

  • Click the Yes button to proceed with the upgrade.

  • Click Install to proceed


The installation will now proceed normally, do not close or exist the windows during this process.



When finished; simply click the Finish button.



Once the installation is finished and clicked the Finish button in the previous set; the Ez3D Plus Simple viewer will start automatically. If it does not; simple relaunch in the first steps to start the launch process over.


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