Preperation for sucessful migration or conversion of our Easydent4/EzDenti Database?

Written on Feb 13, 2018

In the event that migration from one PC to another PC (Or server) in case of changing PC's, due to upgrade or replacement -or- in preparation of migration from Easydent4 to EzDenti it is first important that a final backup is conducted right before the upgrade or migration occurs to insure a good working backup copy before anything is moved or converted.

This is required under HIPAA retention policies that the clinic keeps and maintains proper redundant backups which also applies before any work can begin on moving or altering the data base to prevent corruptions, missed files or other possible fail points in order to have access to restorable version to maintain the requirement.

Typically at the end of the last production day before the scheduled upgrade, migration or conversion occurs the clinic IT should create one final backup of the existing in use database in accordance with the backup documentation:


For Easydent4 Backup Document

For EzDent-i Backup Document


NOTE: Vatech America will not be able to proceed with any support of Database migration, or conversions until after the clinic's IT confirms one final backup is made and we are cleared to proceed.

It is also requested that the clinic's IT is accessible during the process in case we need assistance with restoring said backup in the event of any unforeseen issue arises.

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