How to configure Easydent4 to connect to Database and File Server

Written on Jan 24, 2017

The first thing you will need to know is where the Database "DB Server" and File Server "F-Server" is located at. This is typically on the Capture PC or Central Server. For this type of station you will use "Local Host"

For all others you will need your IT to provide the IP address of the appropriate system where the DB Server and F-Server is located.

Note: It is very important not to add/remove/change the easydent4 on your Capture PC or Server with out first consulting your IT consultant or Dealer Support or Vatech Support to ensure proper data backups are made before reinstalling or making any changes to either of these systems. Data Loss could occur if improperly handled.

Typically when installing Easydent4 for the first time on a new station; or if the server configuration is changed/lost then You might see a message such as this:

You will click OK and you will be prompted for the configuration screen. There are 2 types of configuration, in the example image below; you have local type (Left) and Remote type Right. The only station typically that will be "Local Host" is a locally stored Database and File server , some examples would be the Capture PC or Server might have this type.

For most workstations you will almost always use "remote host", you will select the remote host bullet point to activate the IP address field. Here you will enter the IP address of the Database Server and the File Server. For this example we used the IP address of, you however will use the supplied IP provided by your IT, Dealer Support or Vatech Support.


Once you have entered the appropriate IP address, click the APPLY button and restart the program. If you experience any issues with connection please check one of the below corresponding topics on how to troubleshoot for connection issues or contact your IT, Dealer Support or Vatech Support for further assistance.

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