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  • What should I use to clean and Sanitize my X-ray unit; covers and accessories?

    Vatech America does not recommend or endorse any cleaning product in particularly. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine what is adequate for use to clean and sanitize based on FDA as well as local codes.However based on performance and recommendation by Vatech Users ; Clorox Brand* Hydrogen peroxide wipes. (Contains no bleachin...

  • How do I use the Direct Integration from Open Dental

    Open Dental offers a direct integration to Ezdent-i which once configured will place a small icon on your tool bar on the main open dental screen under the patient chart that you can click to pass information to EzDent-i.Please watch the following video to learn more about using the Open Dental Bridge. Note: if you do not have the Open Dental ...

  • How do I use Datagrabber?

    Data grabber is a 3rd party software made and supported by Apteryx Ware. For more detailed information you can visit their site for product help and support by visiting their site or Clicking Here.The most common way of using Data Grabber is to have already installed and configured a properly working "PMS" (Practice Management Softwa...

  • Is there training that I can be provided for my Vatech system or Software?

    Yes! There is!Training can be requested from our website under Training Link or Click to Request Training HereYou will find Training Request. There you will be able to send information to one of our Education team members and get a response within 24 hours.