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  • What is the best way to clean Ezsensor

    In order to prevent infection, wipe the front plate of the sensor unit with ethanol or glutaraldehyde solution to disinfect it each time a different patient uses the instrument. If you plan to use a disinfectant other than those specified above, or you are mixing another disinfectant with ethanol, please consult a specialist because it may damage t...

  • Do you recommend using a cone indicator?

    Vatech does recommend that you use a cone indicator with this product.Cone indicators will allow you to properly position the sensor in the patient’s mouth for each desired capture mode, without damaging the cord or sensor. It is much more comfortable for the patient and allows for optimal positioning of the tube head.Damage to the cord due t...

  • Will my Ezsensor work on Mac?

    No, our software and drivers do not work on a Mac. We also do not support VMware, PixiE boot, Dual boot, or Virtual Windows. There are too many incompatibilities with the Mac hardware when being utilized in a Windows environment.

  • I received a new sensor do I need to keep the packaging?

     **it is very important to retain the installation CD in a SAFE place. In the event you need to reinstall or install the sensor in a new location you will need this disk! It contains specific Calibration files for your sensor!**We also recommend that you retain in a safe place the packaging that your sensor came with, all parts, labels, paperw...

  • Can my unit be upgraded to use EzDent-i and Ez3D-i?

    Platform 2 (NEXGen Devices)All Listed Units are supported for upgrade to EZDent-i for 2D/3D units and Ez3D-i for all 3D Units*Pax-iPax-i3DPax-i3D GreenSmart3DEzSensor MultiEzSesnor-PreimiumEzSensor- HD*upgrade for Easydent4 sites are not included in lifetime updates. Please contact your local Vatech Rep for more information about upgrading to NEXGe...

  • What should I use to clean and Sanitize my X-ray unit; covers and accessories?

    Vatech America does not recommend or endorse any cleaning product in particularly. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine what is adequate for use to clean and sanitize based on FDA as well as local codes.However based on performance and recommendation by Vatech Users ; Clorox Brand* Hydrogen peroxide wipes. (Contains no bleachin...