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  • How do I save adjusted coloring of the VR Settings in Ez3D-i?

    With the Ez3D-i open; adjust the VR Coloring Adjustment to the preferred viewing mode.With the adjusting VR coloring function, users can set up the default value in various modes. • To Default the Setting Click the [Default Setting] button and the following window appears.Click the [OK] button to change Preset VR Coloring values for the 3...

  • How do I set clinic information in Ez3Di for exporting and burning?

    With Ez3D-i open; Click on the "Menu" button in the upper left hand corner of program, and click "Settings" Now you will want to click on the "Clinic Info" tab. Once on the tab; you can then enter all your information, when done click OK.Clinic InformationYou can input the clinic information such as the name of th...

  • Configuring Email settings in Ez3D-i

    Open Ez3D-i and click the Main menu in the upper left hand corner and choose settings in the drop down menu as shown below.Choose the Linkage/Email tab.E-Mail Sender InformationUsers can send a test email from the saved user account. To do this, the email address,name, password and other related information are required.To use the Email feature pro...

  • How to configure Ez3D-i to save projects- Project File does not save from Ez3D-i

    Project File does not save from Ez3D-i or there might be an error message it can not save. Typically after fresh installation or when configurations are changed you will need to configure Ez3D-i to save projects to the Server.The first thing you will need to know is where the Database "DB SERVER" and VTFileManager are located. This is typ...

  • How do I order License Key's for EzDent-i/Ez3D-i?

    Vatech America typically provides the requested keys ordered with your device at the time of installation either by way of your Dealer Technician, Local District Sales Manager or via Support.Please refer to those original keys, however in the event you do not have any additional keys available or have exceeded the initial allocated amount; you may ...