Washed out Panoramic or Poor quality Panoramic images

Written on Jan 11, 2017

2D Acquisition of Panoramic images that produce inferior quality, washed out image; overlapping; ghosting or other various image quality issues are 95% the result  of User error during positioning of the patient and/or movement of the patient post-patient positioning.

Typically most image quality issues can be corrected by taking the necessary steps during positioning procedure.  Vatech Education team has put together a series of videos that will demonstrate proper positioning techniques for various modes as well as demonstrate some of the most common mistakes during positioning.

Please also consider reviewing the Panoramic Trouble Shooting Guide  Which will guide you through determining the type of positioning issue you are having and provide you with details on how to correct.

Also we encourage you to visit the Customer Learning Center - Positioning Videos

If you still are having issues with image quality despite your best positioning efforts; please contact the support team for further review.

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