'Unsaved files exists' message / How to resend failed to save captured image using VTFileManagerAgent

Written on May 30, 2017

In the even that VTFileManager is not running at the time of saving and fails; you might get a balloon message that VTFilemanager does not work; and also unsaved images exist.

Once you have solved the VTFilemanager connection issue you can follow the next steps to re-send the image for saving. If not please see -


  1. Locate the task tray located near the system clock; You might have to click the small arrow there to 'un-hide' hidden icons.

  2. Find the VTFileMangerAgent - as shown in the following image:

  3. Right click on the VTFileMangerAgent Icon

  4. You will then see the unsaved image that is pending - typically pano images will start with Pano_, CT with CT_, Ceph with Ceph_ followed by Date/Time stamp numbers in military time*


Select the image  to save, once selected re-saving will start. Once done; the listing will be removed; refresh the patient chart to access the image.